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    Gut reactions:

    Algernon - no. I like The Importance reference, but the sound is awkward to me.
    Ambrose - like, but feels like it doesn't hold up to Aphrodite.
    Attila - No. Love Eastern Europe, but don't love this name.
    Auberon - Meh...references are cool but feel like it blends in with the -on, -in, -en names of today.
    Bensiabel - eh, just Ben? The -bel ending might be too feminine, too?
    Casimir - YES. LOVE.
    Damon - Kinda boring, with or without the Matt pop reference.
    Darius - YES. I feel like in the US, this is one of those names that the African-American community has retained for use but is rare Moses. But I don't think it's that common. After the Persian King, I do think of Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish. Not sure how common that would be. LOVE it, though.
    Endymion - Like, but don't think it fits the H's requirement of being masculine enough.
    Evander - All I can think of is Evander Holyfield. Sorry. Too close to Alexander for me, too. And somehow feels somehow too modern for you, even though I know it's an ancient name.
    Gawain - Not with Aphrodite. Has a weak sound to me, actually. Don't love. Though, again, great reference.
    Herne - Hernia. And on the too-masculine-with-no-romance side, definitely.
    Leonidas - YES.
    Leopold - YES. Oh dear, I can't decide with of these Leo names I like better. The Germanic side of me might go for Leopold. However, I do think of the nasty King Leopold of Belgium who kind of ruined the Congo, so the associations with Leonidas are better. But there are plenty of other Leopolds.
    Lucius - eh. Not exciting enough somehow.
    Melchior - How is this pronounced? I think I like it, but I'm confused.
    Odin - Like the Norwegianness. I actually really want you to go for the Norwegian/Germanic/E. Europe side this time since Aphrodite is so Greek myth.
    Orion - I have a BIL with this name and it's great, very usable but strong meaning/story. is possible to be a popular name? Something about it seems TOO usable to me. It might be because it sounds so close to Ryan and Brian that it loses a little bit of magic because of the connection to those very common names. It is near 400 and climbing in the US.
    Percival - Have never liked. Percival and Percy both sound a bit weak to me, somehow.
    Perseus - But this I love.
    Rainier - LOVE this, actually. Feels strong enough to match up to Aphrodite, and unexpected but still usable. Like that it has so much personal connection for you.
    Romulus - Eh. Like it okay. If you like wolves so much, I like Wolfgang better.
    Snowdon - Can't see this on a person. Makes me think of a cat named Snowy or Snowball.
    Tiberius - YES. Unexpected but very usable.
    Xerxes - I like. It feels a little silly alongside Aphrodite, though.

    Middle names I love:
    Hawthorn, Hector, Rufus, Vladimir, Wolfgang.

    (Ha, didn't notice you had Wolfgang here til after I suggested it above. LOVE. Also Vladimir.)

    For you and Roo I think these are best: Casimir, Leonidas/Leopold, Perseus, Rainier, Tiberius, Odin, Darius....or something else more Norwegian, E Euro, or Germanic.

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    Ottilie: Your list is amazing! I narrowed it down to five names, based on how they look and sound with Aphrodite.


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    Algernon, Casimir, Darius, Gawain, Orion, Perseus, Rainier, Tiberius, and Xerxes all rock.
    Algeron- Hate the nn Al, that's the only thing not to love about this name.
    Casimir- An interestingly unique choice that could really stand up to Aphrodite.
    Darius- I love this name and the namesake... although it has the strength and spunk of Aphrodite, it is a bit more common.
    Orion- I love this name and the celestial connection, but I've read different versions of his myth... one made it sound like Orion was not such a gentleman.
    Gawain- Does it get more romantic than that? Although I feel like it's dashing, it doesn't feel as strong as Aphrodite.
    Perseus- Perfect match for Aphrodite.
    Rainier- Love this... perfect match of swoon-worthiness and strength...
    Tiberius- Love, love, love! So perfect!
    Xerxes- Although I love it, I've always viewed it as a bit overly macho. Also, I'd worry about pronunciation...

    By the way, just saw Snowdon... unless everything calms down with Snowden (whistle blower), people might think you're naming your kid after him...
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    Algernon - Has the feel you're looking for. Also reminds me of the prince in 'The Ordinary Princess'
    Ambrose - CUSTARD!
    Attila - Too girlish
    Auberon - I prefer it spelt Oberon but nice. I LOVE Titania for a girl as well.
    Bensiabel - Looks complicated.
    Casimir - Hmmm...
    Damon - Sounds outdated
    Darius - A name of kings! Persian kings! I really like it, and was quite surprised he brought it up.
    Endymion - See above
    Evander -YES YES YES!-Leafy and masculine and a perfect vowel start. I don't think he will get lost-you will make sure of that and if he has any of your genes then he will want to be different. Have you ever thought of Skandar?
    Gawain - Nah
    Herne - Nah. Bad.
    Leonidas - OK
    Leopold - Leopardy but masculine.
    Lucius - Definitely light but so light it is smothered by Aphrodite.
    Melchior - Nah but it has nice sounds.
    Odin - Hmmmm...I do like it at first glance [this is my first little peek]
    Orion - Prefer Odin.
    Percival - Cute!
    Perseus - LOVE LOVE LOVE-and nn Percy
    Rainier -Playground teasing
    Romulus - Nah
    Snowdon -Middle name?
    Tiberius - This sounds like a bone.
    Xerxes - Prn issues.

    This list is a mixture of LOVES and HATES. I think it is hard to find a name that isn't overshadowed by Roo's little treasure but not so aristocratic that he will be thought of as weird that you live in the city centre or something [I have no idea though so don't chop my head off] I can just imagine little Algernon Leonidas trying to hide a he is shy.

    Evander is my winner!

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    I really love your 2nd list and wanted to share my thoughts before going back to thinking of Hugh Jackman in a fur lined velvet cape.

    Attila - Not weird to me but a strong name. No cape though.
    Auberon - I still love this! Auberon and Aphrodite, I just want to say it over and over
    Casimir - It's just rocking - couldn't have said it better. Its really growing on me.
    Darius - This one feels like the fur lining to me, love it but maybe not in first place.
    Endymion - Stunning name, wonderful balance, loved the suggestion of Ender as a nn
    Lucius - The name I would expect to be wrapped in fur and velvet
    Orion - I knew an Orion in high school and have loved this since. Seems like a great choice for you
    Rainier - Beautiful and just exotic enough. When you brought up Mt. Rainier, it took my breath away - A wonderful mind picture of what kind of man he could become. Is this to weird a thing to say?
    Tiberius - Adore this! Takes so much of my personal loves into account. History, Archaeology, and Star Trek!

    So I would have to say my favorites are:
    Rainier: the picture feeling I had is still so strong I almost can touch him
    Auberon - because I love it with Aphrodite
    Orion/Lucius - can't decide between these 2; Orion seems to speak of you yet Lucius wears your husband's metaphysical cape so well.

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