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    Congrats on the new baby!
    Ok, since you aren't looking for combos, I won't make them (even though I want to).
    Here's the first names I love with Aphrodite:

    Algernon -- Not a perfect match, but striking with Aphrodite and the images it conjures! Dashing, adventurous and so suave. Adore this name!
    Auberon -- A lot like Algernon. It's dashing and adventurous sounding but soft and romantic
    Endymion -- Another favorite! ADORE this with Aphrodite
    Leonidas -- I agree with everything you said. Lovely name
    Odin -- I don't think it goes perfectly together but I do love it for you
    Orion -- I love everything about this name for you and it flows so smoothly with Aphrodite
    Perseus -- Love the myth, love the sounds with Aphrodite
    Rainier -- Love all the meaning this name has and it just sounds cool with Aphrodite

    That's my two cents. When you're ready for combos, I'll be working on them ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Casimir is still my favorite on your list!! I love Ambrose too, but next to Aphrodite it just seems soft. My favorite with Aphrodite is probally Endymon, but I think Aphrodite and Casimir is a pretty awesome sib set too!
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    Algernon - I like this a lot, but for someone else rather than myself. Algie would be a cute short form.
    Ambrose - Neutral
    Attila - Sound doesn't appeal to me.
    Auberon - Like; prefer Oberon. Au's in names are not beloved by me (ex: Aubrey, Audrey)
    Bensiabel - Just can't get behind this one. Sounds not masculine enough for the look your husband describes.
    Casimir - Like it; it's on my own list of possibilities.
    Damon - Handsome. Don't know the pop reference myself so can't say much about that.
    Darius - Sounds good but for me it'd be too Darius Rucker.
    Endymion - This one is cool and would pair well with the sister's name.
    Evander - This one is on my list and I am wishy washy for the same reason you state so I think after seeing someone else voice that, I'll nix it. It doesn't have the same oomph as some of your other choices.
    Gawain - Love, and I think it would fit with Aphrodite.
    Herne - Nice name, but doesn't fit the general tone of the other options.
    Leonidas/Leopold - Love both. Leonidas goes better with Aphrodite though.
    Lucius - Good for a winter baby but I don't like it with Aphrodite for some reason.
    Melchior - I am digging this one.
    Odin - Like
    Orion - Like!
    Percival - Good, but reminds me of the Percy Jackson young adult novels? Which I think have to do with the Greek gods, so that would seem odd with Aphrodite.
    Perseus - Same concern as with Percival.
    Rainier - Love! This is on my list too to honor where I grew up, in the land of Mt. Rainier.
    Romulus - Good choice.
    Snowdon - Cool middle name but I can't see someone using this on daily basis as a FN as it almost seems like a surname.
    Tiberius - Like it with Aphrodite, not so much otherwise.
    Xerxes - I like this.

    Favorite with sister: Auberon, Endymion, Gawain, Leonidas, Melchior, Odin, Rainier, Tiberius, Xerxes.
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    Favorites from your list:

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    Leonidas is still my favorite off your list! I think it goes with Aphrodite beautifully and definitely fits well with your husband's idea of what the name should sound like. Other favorites, in order:


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