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    Here are the ones I like from your list. I've started my favorites great list!!

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    I thought your daughter was named something else. Is there some place I can read the story of the change? Aphrodite is lovely.

    My favorites are:
    Auberon- myth and Shakespeare connections and SO cool sounding. Warm and majestic, but accessible.
    Casimir - you're right. It's rocking.
    Endymion - I mean really. So poetic.
    Evander - I really like "E" names and this is a great one.
    Lucius - I love the whole "light" family and this one is super lovely. Roman and stylish.
    Snowdon - I have a hard time imagining a person named Snowdon, but I do love the mountain.

    *mourns briefly for Sylvan*
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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    I like Leonidas and Tiberius.

    Another suggestion you might like...Ulysses.

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    Right, sorted them into likes & others and I've added my (sometimes bizarre) preliminary thoughts

    Algernon - I like! I like muchly. Aphrodite and Algernon are rather fantastic together. Algernon is aristocratic chic.
    Ambrose - Uh huh. Loving it. I think I just love the 'rose' part and I'd love to see it on a little chap. Ambrose is warm and comforting.
    Casimir - So pretty and magical! Casimir is (weirdly) snow and Turkish Delight!
    Endymion - Totally NMS but he works so well next to Aphrodite! Endymion is mysterious and mythical.
    Evander - Just plain love it. Evander is fir-tree-covered mountains.
    Gawain - I think he'd have gone a lot better with Rosalind than Aphrodite, but I still love his Arthurian magic. Gawain is brave and romantic.
    Leonidas - Gerard Butler My fave of the Leo names. Leonidas is a sun-kissed warrior.
    Lucius - Almost shelved him. He's cold and he's Malfoy, but there's something about Lucius (possibly the way Ralph Fiennes whispers it). Lucius is icicles!
    Melchior - I think he'd hold up well next to Roo's name. Melchior is iron and industry.
    Orion - Wonderful Orion! He's lovely, my favourite constellation. I love gazing at him in the sky! Orion is star dust and velvet nights.
    Percival - Next to all the gorgeous 'foreign' names he stands out as something a little more English. Percival is an enchanted forest.
    Rainier - Beautiful family link and a handsome name. Rainier is rain, glorious rain!
    Romulus - Really seriously love this. Romulus and Remus is a fave tale of mine. Totally different from Aphrodite, but it works so well! Romulus is pink, chubby babies!
    Tiberius - Yep, he's amazing. Aphrodite & Tiberius- that's a pair of siblings you don't mess with. Tiberius is loyal.

    Attila - I can see it working as a name, but just not next to the wonderful Aphrodite. It's also very similar to Ottilie- does that matter?
    Auberon - Love the meaning, love the play (it's my favourite, alongside Much Ado) but Auberon is too Aubergine to me :/
    Bensiabel - Love the 'Ben' bit, but it's such a mouthful. See-a-bell? See-a-bull? I don't hate it though.
    Damon - I see 'demon'. It's just so clunky next to Aphrodite.
    Darius - I think it jars a bit with the 'D' sound in Aphrodite.
    Herne - I know it's been on your lists for a long time but every time I read it I see 'hernia'.
    Leopold - Had to shelve one Leo name. This is my favourite, but Leonidas goes better with Roo.
    Odin - Seems so little and meek next to the long, rolling Aphrodite.
    Perseus - Had to pick a 'Percy' name and Perseus lost.
    Snowdon - Cool mountain connection but my first thought was Lord Snowdon, and I never really liked him.
    Xerxes - A little too much. I don't think it's dashing, romantic or particularly masculine. Feels totally separate to Aphrodite.

    So my absolute favourites for a brother for Aphrodite have to be Algernon, Endymion, Leonidas, Percival, Romulus and Tiberius. And I actually cannot choose between them. So... um, yeah... you'll just have to have 6 sons
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    I love Evander, Leopold, Leonidas, and Cecil!

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