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    Nicknames for Amelia

    It seems Amelia is getting a lot of positive feedback from my other thread, and I have to admit it is one of my favourites off the original list. The thing is, Amelia is as long in syllables as Elizabeth (4), and Libby goes by a nickname. I think Amelia would have to have one too, at least part of the time, just to balance things out a bit. It doesn't look as long, but when you say it it is.

    Two questions:

    1. What nicknames are there for Amelia? I've heard of Amy from Doctor Who, but I'm not keen on that. Millie or Milly is the one I've heard most, but there must be others.

    2. Parents of Amelias, how often if ever does she go by a nickname, and what one?

    Thanks in advance,

    Mum to Luke and Elliot, stepmum to Libby. Baby #4 is currently being grown.

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    The Amelia in Princess Diaries goes by Mia, which I've always thought is cute.
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    My niece is Amelia. My sister thought it would be good because of multiple nicknames but she's never shortened it. She is almost 5 so maybe that will change when she is in school. I've mostly heard Amy and Millie too. I like Mia. Maybe Elle?

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    My daughter is Amelie, similar to Amelia... Everyone calls her Amelia when they see her name written. We call her Amie (as in french form of friend, not Amy) for short. I like Mia too.
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    shieldsc - I don't know much about the Princess Diaries, but Mia is a cute nickname.

    sjpmama - It's good to see the full name is usable, I think I like it best in full but I want to have nickname options. Elle would be too close to Elliot for us to use.
    Mum to Luke and Elliot, stepmum to Libby. Baby #4 is currently being grown.

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