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    Clio to honor Gloria?

    Wondering what you berries think of the idea of Clio to honor my late grandmother, Gloria.

    Clio meaning "glory" (Greek).

    I had Cleo on my list, and I love this spelling, but I so prefer the meaning of Clio and the potential connection to my nana.

    Which do you prefer? Do you think either would be an ok sister to Owen, or is Owen too common and Clio/Cleo too exotic?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I like Both Cleo and Clio, but prefer Clio. Don't like Gloria, thou.
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    I prefer Clio because she was a muse

    I wouldn't put Owen and Cleo/Clio together (too much O for my liking) but it's not a terrible combo.

    Love Gloria. Have you considered using it? Honestly I thought it was too old lady-ish until I saw Happy Feet. Now I adore it

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I think it works, and I like the name. Cleo, too.

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    I like Clio and Cleo. Cleo's spelling is more intuitive, but Clio has an interesting history and I love the meaning tie for you. Owen and Clio/Cleo are fine together. It's not the most natural pairing, but it certainly works enough.

    I think Sofia Vergara's character on Modern Family has taken a lot of the frump out of the name Gloria. Gloria isn't a huge favorite of mine or anything, but I've warmed to it considerably over the years.

    If Gloria's not up your alley, besides Clio you might consider Loria, perhaps with a G middle name, or Loria Clio.

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