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    How do you pronounce Mila

    Well, Englishmen and American tend to pronounce foreign names wrong... like Circe.

    I am not Polish, but I am Slavic, and Mila is word name in my country, so I know how to pronounce it. May be different in Poland, thou.

    It's pronounced Meeluh. Were Americans and Englishmen right?
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    mee-la. My best friend growing up's grandmother was named Milagros but she went by Mila, and this was how I was taught to say it.
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    I am in Australia and overall I think most pronounce it Mee-la. With a short, hard "a" sound. I have heard people pronounce it Mill-Ah. With the mill rhyming with pill. But I prefer Mee-la.
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    I have heard it pronounced Mile-ah.
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    I LOVE this name. I used to prn it My-la but then I found the real pronnonciation. I do prefer it that way but I would have said My-la at first sight.

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