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    To me Tessa sounds and looks the best.

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    Alivia - Not a fan of this spelling at all. Olivia is so much nicer and classier looking.
    Eliette - Don't like this name on a girl and especially not with this spelling.
    Tessa - Love Tessa, both as a stand alone name or as a nickname for Theresa.
    Keira - Love this one too. Goes very well with Gavin.
    Aubrey/Aubri/Aubree - I like Aubrey but not the other two spellings.

    My favorites from your list are Tessa and Keira. Out of those two, I think that Keira goes the best with Gavin.

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    Tessa and Keira would both work. Tessa is a bit more classic, and Keira is quite contemporary... so it has more to do with which style you'd like to go with...

    Sorry, just saw your surname... Tessa would go better with Wright. Keira Wright is a bit difficult to say... r r r r...
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    I love Tessa! Definitely the best on your list. I would love to see Olivia, Eliza, and Audrey as alternatives to your other picks.

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    My favorites are Tessa and Keira. I also prefer Audrey to Aubrey, and Olivia to Alivia. How about just Livia or Lavinia? On second thought I suppose Lavinia is too close to Gavin. Maybe Lydia?

    I actually don't mind Eliette. We have a friend named Liette (she's French--never asked if it was short for anything). Always thought it was pretty and suited her well.
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