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    'Sample' Names

    So I'm still plugging away at planning my wedding, previously, I brought you a list of names of Wedding dresses, but now I'm onto bigger and namier things!
    I ordered my invitation samples, and each one comes with a name combination for the bride and the groom (in some cases the parents too!) Some of the names are gorgeous!

    James Layton
    Fiona Evelyn (Layton)
    Maddox Dylan MacKay

    Ashley Elana Meyer
    Ephraim Joseph Byrne

    Brooke Marie Brock
    Mason Allan Norton

    John and Ann Jones
    Jennifer Ann Jones
    Michael Smith

    Ariana Kaylee
    Jackson Seth Brady

    Lindsey Ashley Williamson
    Alexander Henry Hollingsworth

    Tabitha Lee Amos
    Lorne Ian Baum

    Jackson Ketchum
    Samantha Erin Ketchum
    Steven James Huntley

    Amber Ann
    Michael James

    Sydney Carol
    Richard McGuire

    Virginia Davenport
    Christopher Wright

    Evelyn Fiona
    Joseph Abe

    Lyra Evelyn
    Bryan Owen

    Courtney Michelle
    Timothy Micah

    Sophia MacKayla
    Micah Aiden

    Taryn Layla
    Logan Andrew

    Sydney Jasmine
    Elijah James

    Naomi Ayn
    Robert Henry

    Pandora Helen
    Johnson Kaleb

    Samantha Victoria
    Zachary Francis

    Kaitlyn Olivia
    Noah Tristan

    Emily Lauren
    Bentley Lucas

    Antonia Claire
    Vincent James

    Rough n Tumble
    Lachlan Alexander
    Evander 'Anders' Alcott - Thatcher William - Peregrine North - Dresden Alasdair

    Pretty in Pink
    Lavender Irie/Alina/Ellen
    Natalie Winter - Adelaide Pearl - Hermione Jane - Corisande Fable - Virginia Joy- Odessa Faye

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