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    Celeste Oriana

    I'm in need of some Berry input! I'm absolutely in love with Celeste at the moment, its got everything i'd want if i had another daughter, so i'm playing around with middles. I recently came up with Celeste Oriana, which i actually think is one of the prettiest combinations i have come up with. I love the imagery- golden skies, heavenly, romantic, poetic.

    It has a grandeur though that is very different imo to my dd's name, Juniper Elise. I love Juniper and Celeste together, but do you think i should match Celeste with a rather more playful, folksy middle to work with Juniper? I've been toying with Celeste Susannah which honours my wonderful late Aunt, but its very ssss heavy.
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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