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Thread: Viggo

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    Hubs offered Viggo as a suggestion. Its definitely growing on me. The full name would be:

    Viggo Jon (my dads MN) Bernstrom. Brother to Nils David Bernstrom.

    It hits my my necessary lists of : A REAL name, strong like Nils, uncommon but still known.

    What do u think?
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    I don't get it. It made me think of veganism. Maybe if I knew more of it's origin and meaning.

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    I think Viggo and Nils make a wonderful pair. They're both strong sounding and familiar yet not often used. I think it's a great choice.
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    I love it. Viggo is one of my favorites, and it sounds dashing with Nils.
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    I'm a fan of Viggo and I think it goes well with the middle name and also the brother's name.
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