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    I conceived my first when I was 36. It didn't take incredibly long to conceive (6 mos), but I was diligently tracking BBT and ovulation. I am beginning to to have my doubts about the fertility plunge that happens at 35, too. I want to see more current research. But, there definitely are greater chances of chromosomal abnormalities that occur past 35, so that should be kept in mind. Also, fertility is not infinite, and there is a decline, so even if it isn't necessarily happening at 35 for all women, there is a clock to remember.

    Basically, just because you are 35 doesn't mean you'll have any problems conceiving at all. It also doesn't mean you'll have a high-risk pregnancy. It is a good time to figure out your priorities, though, and if being a mom is one of them, it's probably time to make the plan to make it happen.

    Good luck! It's a great time in life to do it, in my opinion!
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    Nothing happens at 35 exactly. I know OB/GYN's who have told me that they have seen 30 yr olds who have the fertility/hormone levels of 40 yr olds and vice versa. Of course it's based on statistics, but the actual cutoff age is just to provide a frame of reference for the statistics. I conceived my first at 34 and was shocked that, because I would deliver at 35, they categorized my pregnancy as "high risk". I was told by my doctor that, although 35 is somewhat arbitrary because everyone's different, for practical reasons there has to be a cutoff for age for them to start testing for certain things more diligently.

    My pregnancy was healthy, and I hope/plan to have another in a year or two.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies!

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    A friend of mine is over 40 and has a son that is just over 1. I haven't pried into her birth story, but she has confided in me that he will be her only child. He's a healthy & happy little boy. Having kids late in life is totally a possibility, though dreams of a big brood might not pan out. I also know plenty of young mom health scares, so there really is no telling how things will go. You could always consider adoption or fostering if you feel you are too old by the time you are ready to be a mom.

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    Thanks Taz. Adoption is something that I've been considering lately. It's definitely a good option.

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