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    I had my first at 37 and second at 39, both healthy! There were placental problems with the first but these were related to platelet issues and could have happened at any age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by norbury View Post
    I had my first at 37 and second at 39, both healthy! There were placental problems with the first but these were related to platelet issues and could have happened at any age.
    Thanks! That's great to hear!

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    I just turned 36 a few weeks ago, and am currently 18 weeks pregnant. However, you will see from my signature that it has not been an easy ride (this was IVF attempt #3). We have unexplained infertility, although I'm convinced that my age is a factor as I previously conceived "by accident" when I was 21 (this pregnancy ended in a termination). On the bright side, all looks good so far.
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    @velvetcrush I'm glad things are looking good so far, and I wish you the best!

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    Well, I'm 34 (35 around the corner) and conceived my second pregnancy (first ended in mc, when I was 33.5) after only 2 months of trying. I really think we place too much emphasis on 35 here in the U.S. - lots of other first-world countries do not consider that "advanced maternal age" - at least, that's what I've been told. Yes, some risks go a bit higher but more and more women are conceiving after 35 these days and most babies are born perfectly healthy.

    Besides the age thing, I know how easy it is to assume you're going to have conception issues after you lose your first pregnancy to a mc (my history is same as yours, accidental preg ended in termination when I was about 20, then first pregnancy while trying ended in mc). It's never easy to deal with a mc but I think it's slightly worse when it's your first baby - if you already have at least one healthy baby, then at least you know you're physically able to carry one. Does that make sense? I'm definitely not trying to upset anyone, every loss is hard. But anyway, I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and it was really, really hard to not think of myself as "high risk" while trying the second time around - my doctor and my husband had to keep reminding me that one loss is considered normal, whether it's your first baby or third or whatever. Up to 50% of pregnancies end in a mc (that's including pregnancies that are so early along, the woman doesn't even necessarily realize she's preggo) and I think it's 1 in 4 women will have one. So it's very, very common. But again, when it's your first, it can make the process of trying again that much more daunting.

    Anyway, best of luck to you! I highly recommend tracking your ovulation with the at-home kits, those help so much (when you're ready, that is). Besides that, take your folic acid and do whatever you can to relax and minimize your worry-level. It's very important to start the pre-natal vitamins before you get pregnant, especially for those of us in our mid- to late-30's. But, at least for now, odds are still good that you'll be able to conceive within a year and have a healthy baby just like millions of other women out there. Think as positive as you can, it will make it a much less painful, slow experience. Much easier said than done, I know! Good luck and lots of healthy baby dust to you!

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