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    Question First baby after 35

    I am 35 (soon to be 36) and have not had kids yet. I'm a little worried about getting pregnant at my age since the risk of complications is greater if a woman has her first child after 35. I had a miscarriage when I was younger and am worried that may be a sign that I'll have a high-risk pregnancy.

    What I want to know is if any of you had your first child after 35, and, if so, did you have a healthy pregnancy?

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    I was 18 days short of my 36th birthday when I had my first. It took me a year to conceive as I had mild PCOS and needed clomid. My next two were conceived naturally. This last one took me 18 months to conceive and I needed progesterone as my lining wasn't good enough to maintain a pregnancy. I had 1 early miscarriage and 3 chemical pregnancies ttc this one, but we're in the home stretch now. I'll be about a month short of 43 when this one is born.

    It can be harder for some to conceive, but not all. All my pregnancies were easy and I've had no problems or issues due to my age. All my labours were 'easy' and straightforward though I did have a bad tear with my first.
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    This might be an interesting read to you:

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    Thanks for your helpful reply. I never even thought about it being harder to conceive, but I guess I should have figured as much. At least now I know what I might have to face. Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the link, joana

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