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    You've got some great names here. It's true that Juniper and Jasper are a little closer for comfort. But interestingly, because they're all so established as names, it doesn't feel theme-y or even extremely nature-y.

    Linnea, Viola and Basil as a sibset feels only faintly plant-based. It's Juniper that tips the scales for me. But even as a full set, it doesn't feel overly so.

    If there were a few siblings in between Juniper and Jasper, especially if Juniper ended up being nicknamed June or something, I don't think in day-to-day life Juniper and Jasper would feel too close. The initial vowels are so different, and neither has emphasis on the -per.

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    I don't have any set rules about what is too much theme. It's usually just a feel thing...if it makes me roll my eyes, it's too much. I actually really like your sibset; even the Juniper/Jasper thing doesn't bother me, as long as there's other siblings in between them.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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