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    How much theme is too much theme?

    Hi, all. I'm a new-ish member, and as I was setting up my profile I realized my list is starting to look a little comical. What better way to join the community than to jump right on in looking for some opinions, suggestions for my list, discussion, whatever.

    Do your lists/kids have a 'theme?' Any similarities besides style (A theme might be repeated sounds/letters, meanings, origins)?

    My list currently is: Juniper, Linnea, and Viola. Basil and Jasper. All nature names. Juniper and Basil, plants (Although the name Basil, "Bazz-ill," doesn't originate from the plant as far as I know). Linnea* and Viola, plant genera. And Jasper, a mineral.

    (*Edit: I got ahead of myself here. Linnaea is the genus.)

    I'm not sure how obvious Viola and Linnea are, so maybe my unintentional theme isn't as obvious as I'm thinking. It's hard for me to be objective about those two as I studied botany, so they have a planty sound ("Planty," I'm using that degree well).

    In an extremely hypothetical world, where I might have five kids of the appropriate genders and use these names (Not happening, but hey), what would your impression be?

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    I really like themes as a family unifer but it can go to far. (For example, if you are going to have 20 kids like the Duggars trying to use the same first initial as a theme makes for some extremely similar or very strange names - e.g Jinger, Josiah and Joseph.)

    My favorite themes are like yours - one where the names are tied together in some fashion but do not sound alike.

    I think the names Juniper, Linnea, Viola, and Basil all work well together. As do Linnea, Viola, Basil, and Jasper. They work because the theme is subtle and the names do not sound alike - different beginnings and endings. I would not name siblings Juniper and Jasper (same beginning and ending sounds) so the use of one would rule out the other. So if you had a daughter first and named her Juniper then I think it precludes later naming a son Jasper - at least to me. Others may find the matchiness of Juniper and Jasper a perfect sibling combo.
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    The sensible part of me agrees that Jasper and Juniper aren't fit to be used together; but I think that fairy-glitter-attitude that made my whole list nature-themed finds them complimentary. Jasper is, though, the only name on this list that is 'just because' (the others have family or personal significance that have kept them on a short list for a pretty long time), so when the times comes I think I'd be willing to let it go.
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    I personally am not a fan of names that sound too similar (like Jasper and Juniper) or names that have the same first letter after 3 kids (weird, I know, but I draw the line at 3 lol). I do like themes in general as long as they are not blatant (for instance, siblings named Romeo and Juliet, no, but Beatrice and Juliet or Romeo and Sebastian, sure). My kids names are kind of "themey" but not in a way that anybody but my Catholic friends (we are not Catholic, but several of my close friends are) say "Wow, saints names in the boys" etc (or "cartoon characters" lol).

    BUT I wouldn't worry about the future of what other names will "go" when choosing a particular name. You might end up changing taste after you have a child, or, your partner may like other names as well. Good luck!
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    Normally I don't like really obvious themes, but I make an exception for nature names. There are just so many great ones! I agree with paw that Juniper and Jasper aren't ideal together, though.

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