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    Personally I would go with the traditional spelling if you choose Aisling. Ashling seems like a half compromise between phonetic and traditional, and Ashlinn looks made up (still this is my 2nd choice). However if you want to avoid pronunciation issues altogether, Nora Evangeline is beautiful.

    Too bad about Seamus Graham. That would have been perfect. I think Magnus is a great alternative and would work fine in the U.S. Not sure what the problem there could be...? I also love Rafferty, Declan (aside from the same ending as Brennan, fits perfectly otherwise), and Eamon.
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    I like Nora Evangeline for a girl; and if you decide to go the other route, I have a strong preference for the Aisling spelling. I think Magnus is damn cool, especially if your husband is actually Irish. The kid'll have the heritage-cred to pull it off!
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    Wow thanks for all the suggestions! So many gems to run by my husband- I especially love Finn, Finnegan, Eamon, and Rafferty. There were a few others I liked but found a little too close to Brennan. I don't know what it is but for some reason I just can't see myself having a son named Magnus. Especially since I find myself using Bren and Cal more than their full names- is Mag(s) too feminine? Maybe it will grow on me. Thanks again!
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    My sister has a three year old named Magnus and we usually call him either Mags or Magoo, though that one will probably stay in the family haha. Great name and totally wearable in the states- they live in Connecticut and have never had a problem!

    My Magnus' brother's name is Padraig if you like that?

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