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    Brennan, Callum and...

    Hi all- I desperately need your help! I'm currently pregnant with my third child due early August and am having serious name trouble. My two older sons are Brennan Christopher and Callum Evander. We're leaving the gender a surprise with this one so we need help in both the girl and boy areas- though we seem to have more of a head start on the girl front. For girls, we're currently deciding between Ashling/Aisling/Ashlinn Ruth (what spelling? My husband is from Ireland but we're living in America) and Nora Evangeline (all the middles are family names). For boys we need suggestions! We were set on Seamus Graham but one of our close friends just named their son Seamus so that's out. My husband is pushing for Magnus but I just can't see it working in the US- what do you guys think?

    I know this is a lot of questions but any and all suggestions are appreciated!

    Oh and I forgot to mention the boy middles we're considering are Graham and Sean- both family names. Thanks!
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