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    Classic Girl Combos

    Any feedback on the combos below would be appreciated! LN is Egan. Open to new combo suggestions too. Thanks!

    Claire Elisabeth
    Audrey Louisa
    Emma Catherine
    Louisa Madeline
    Hannah Eloise (NN Annie)
    Ainsley Grace (NN Annie)

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    Love them all! Love Emma ( i have an Emma... But it is wildley popular...)The ones that really stand out are: Audrey Louisa, Claire Elisabeth and Hannah Eloise... Those three are just stunning in my book, but you can not go wrong with any of them
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    Great names!

    My top 3 from your list are:

    1. Claire Elisabeth - Claire is so simple and stunning at the same time, plus Elisabeth is a great name!
    2. Audrey Louisa - Love this one!
    3. Hannah Eloise nn Annie - Pretty, I had never considered the nn Annie for Hannah!

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    Claire Elisabeth- Beautiful! Can't go wrong with Claire Elisabeth.
    Audrey Louisa- I don't like the "odd" sound in Audrey, but that's just me. Personally, I would prefer Aubrey Louisa.
    Emma Catherine- Beautiful! I think Emily Catherine would also be gorgeous.
    Louisa Madeline- Don't love the "wheeze" sound in Louisa, but once again, that's just me. Madeline Louisa would be my personal preference.
    Hannah Eloise- Gorgeous! I feel the same way about Eloise as I do about Louisa. In this case, though, would Hannah Louise flow better?
    Ainsley Grace- Adorable! Ainsley Grace is breathtakingly perfect. My vote goes to Ainsley Grace!

    In the case of Hannah and Ainsley, I think they are such lovely names- no "Annie" needed. Good luck!
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    Hannah Eloise is by far my favorite! Personally I would keep it as Hannah rather than nn Annie, but that's me.

    I like a lot of the others, but some don't sound as good with last name, i.e., Ainsley Egan/Audrey Egan (double ee/ee sound), and Claire Egan (just abrupt for my taste). None of these are terrible though. Audrey Louisa is really nice, and I also like Emma Catherine.
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