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    My favorites:
    Caroline Wren Hostetler
    Mae Victoria Hostetler
    Calla Mae Hostetler
    Thea Genevieve Hostetler
    Athena Caroline Hostetler
    Greta Elise Hostetler

    Tessa or Tara
    Jenna or Gemma
    Chelsea or Kelsey
    Emmeline or Caroline
    Halle or Haley
    Delilah or Delaney
    Zoe or Wren
    Reagan or Teagan Neither
    Calla or Calliope
    Mae or Maeve (close call)
    Genevieve or Greta (close call, I like the repeating T with Hostetler)
    Miranda or Mira
    Phoebe or Payton
    Sophia or Seren
    Kate or Keira
    Elise or Alese
    Noelle or Eira
    Violet or Victoria (Final T + Hostetler doesn't flow as well)
    Athena or Thea (I like both)
    Josephine or Jocelyn
    Carys or Kerris
    Lucy or Lindsey

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    Thank you everyone so far for your feedback! I've made some changes/new combos based on your choices.

    Jenna Carys
    Chelsea Eira
    Tessa Maeve
    Phoebe Sophia
    Tara Genevieve
    Haley Isadora
    Miranda Shea
    Caroline Wren
    Jillian Reese

    Most middles are either welsh or family names btw. Eira means snow & is welsh pronounced eye-ruh
    Last edited by ghostetler; June 25th, 2013 at 02:02 PM.
    Tessa coming 2.2017 💗

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    Tessa or Tara - Tara
    Jenna or Gemma - Jenna
    Chelsea or Kelsey - Chelsea
    Emmeline or Caroline - Emmeline. LOVE this name!
    Halle or Haley - Haley
    Delilah or Delaney - Delaney
    Zoe or Wren - Zoe
    Reagan or Teagan - Reagan
    Calla or Calliope - Calla, but I prefer Callie over both
    Mae or Maeve - Mae
    Genevieve or Greta - really love both! Greta
    Miranda or Mira - Mira
    Phoebe or Payton - Phoebe
    Sophia or Seren - Sophia
    Kate or Keira - Kate
    Elise or Alese - Elise
    Noelle or Eira - Noelle
    Violet or Victoria - Violet
    Athena or Thea - Thea
    Josephine or Jocelyn - Josephine
    Carys or Kerris - Kerris, but I don't really like either
    Lucy or Lindsey - Lucy

    Emmeline Greta
    Lucy Kate
    Elise Caroline
    Violet Josephine
    Current Favorites:
    { Charlotte :: Alice :: Adelyn :: Nora}
    { Jack :: Leo :: Elliot }

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