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    Tessa - easy, love Tessa
    Jenna or Gemma - both are okay, Gemma is a bit fresher, but a bit trendy
    Chelsea or Kelsey - I don't really like either, but I'd pick Chelsea by a mile
    Caroline - I don't like the spelling issues with Emmeline or that it's sort of a copy cat of popular Emily.
    Halle or Haley - again, I don't really like either, but I guess Haley?
    Delilah - Delaney is too trendy for me
    Zoe or Wren - hard one! I like both, I'd probably end up going with Zoe, but Wren is so beautiful, but maybe more mn potential.
    Reagan - don't like either, Reagan I guess, I prefer Regan
    Calla or Calliope - both are about even for me, especially since one can be used as a nn for the other. Calliope is more gutsy! I'd probably go with Calla.
    Mae - I just don't like Maeve, it reminds me of mauve and maven and is just too mouthy for my taste. Mae is pretty and fresh. I do like Mavis though
    Genevieve - I like both, but Genevieve just has so many more nice options.
    Miranda or Mira - same as Calla/Calliope. Though I do think first of Carmen Miranda. Neither is really my style, but Miranda is pretty.
    Phoebe - really hate Payton, trendy, bad connotations, has the word 'pay' in it, bleh! Phoebe is lovely
    Sophia - wow, very different. Seren isn't bad and Sophia is super popular, but Seren feels super trendy and sci-fi to me.
    Kate - I like the simplicity of Kate, and I don't like the many spelling variations of Keira
    Elise - I don't like either really, again, spelling variations bother me, but Elise is the more standard, so I guess I'd pick that
    Noelle - love Noelle as you can see from my sig. Never even heard of Eira--I think it would get mistaken for Erin or Ira a lot
    Violet - I have a negative association with Victoria, but it's not a bad name. Violet is also very pretty
    Athena - I'd love to meet an Athena (or an Althea!), Thea is a bit nicknamey to me.
    Jocelyn - I'm not a big fan of feminizations and though Josephine isn't bad, I prefer Jocelyn
    Carys - I think it's prettier and less trendy looking
    Lucy - love Lucy and Lindsay feels a tad dated to me since I knew so many in high school.
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    Emmeline or Caroline - both are lovely, but I would pick Emmeline
    Genevieve or Greta - I like both, but I'd pick Genevieve
    Violet or Victoria - both are nice, I'd rather see Violetta
    Lindsey (please vote!)

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    Tessa or Tara - Tessa
    Jenna or Gemma - Gemma
    Chelsea or Kelsey - Chelsea, but don't care for either
    Emmeline or Caroline - Emmaline, but both are great classics
    Halle or Haley - - Halle, although Hallie may be easier for pronunciation
    Delilah or Delaney - Delilah
    Zoe or Wren - Zoe. Only like Wren as a middle for a girl.
    Reagan or Teagan - Reagan
    Calla or Calliope - Calliope
    Mae or Maeve - Maeve, but these are both great
    Genevieve or Greta - Genevieve
    Miranda or Mira - Miranda - this name is so lovely
    Phoebe or Payton - Phoebe
    Sophia or Seren - Seren, mostly because Sophia is everywhere now (also prefer Sofia)
    Kate or Keira - Keira. I like Kate but only as a nn, not a stand alone
    Elise or Alese - Elise
    Noelle or Eira - Noelle
    Violet or Victoria - Violet
    Athena or Thea - I don't care for either, and maybe it's because I'm Greek. Also, Thea means "Aunt" in Greek.
    Josephine or Jocelyn - Josephine. Love Josie.
    Carys or Kerris _ Carys
    Lucy or Lindsey - Lucy

    Good luck!! Some great choices here. Gemma, Maeve, Genevieve, Miranda, Josephine, and Lucy are my favorites.

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    Tessa or Tara
    Jenna or Gemma
    Chelsea or Kelsey - neither is my style but I prefer Chelsea. Kelsey feels trendier and unisex which isn't my thing.
    Emmeline or Caroline
    Halle or Haley
    Delilah or Delaney - I like Delia more than Delilah.
    Zoe or Wren
    Reagan or Teagan - do not like Reagan. not the sound or the association with the president.
    Calla or Calliope - love both.
    Mae or Maeve
    Genevieve or Greta
    Miranda or Mira
    Phoebe or Payton
    Sophia or Seren
    Kate or Keira
    Elise or Alese
    Noelle or Eira - not sure how to say Eira. Might change my opinion. I'm intrigued by it anyway...
    Violet or Victoria
    Athena or Thea - like both.
    Josephine or Jocelyn
    Carys or Kerris
    Lucy or Lindsey
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