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    I wouldnt do Susanna, because that is too similar to Annabelle.

    Why not compile a list of names you like and bring them to the hospital with you. Don't stress yourself now over names.

    You seem to favor more classic names. Here are some suggestions...


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    When I read the title of your post, I thought, "No, of course you can't choose it without him," but it must be very frustrating to try and plan the name with someone who isn't into naming before the baby is born, and also doesn't contribute.

    I think your plan of going in with a few names is great. Pick three (or whatever) that you love and he can choose from there. Unless he has a better idea, I think it's as close to choosing a name together as you can get.
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    I love the name Catherine with your girls' names! Beautiful.

    I would agree with making a list that he doesn't hate. I'm a planner, and luckily so is my SO. I would go insane with worry if I didn't have a shortlist before giving birth. I understand how frustrated you must be.
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    Jazz, this issue sounds very close to your heart, and clearly it means a lot to you since you say it keeps you up crying at night.

    But from one hormonal pregnant lady to another, my advice is to just cool it for now. You're not due until November, right? Why try to push your husband to making this kind of significant commitment so early on? Give the man some space, and eventually he'll come around. There is no reason a baby needs a set name before it's born, and it's fair for your husband to feel that way. You have a list of ideas, and you can whip it out once baby is born and everyone is feeling good.

    Personally, we don't talk about names before baby is born, since we have a history of late pregnancy loss, and we don't like making a stronger connection to the fetus before it's born alive and well. I don't feel that my children are any less loved, or were in any way short-changed by not receiving an official name until at least a day and a half after they were born.

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    I don't have a problem with not deciding on the babies name until he/she arrives, I just don't want to arrive at the hospital without discussing names before hand. I've been in that position before and I hated it. I nearly settled on a name I didn't love to make my husband happy because he is so unwilling to discuss names at all. I'm glad I stood my ground and made him have a rational discussion with me once she had arrived. He even admits he made the process difficult and that's why she didn't have a name for a number of hours after she was born.

    If I'm honest I think I am so adamant about needing to find a name because everything else in this pregnancy has been taken out of my control. I have spent a number a days in hospital at a time and although my health issues aren't pregnancy related they are being exasperated by pregnancy. I have been told by my OB that I will need to have a c-section at 27-28 weeks and I have to have a general anesthetic which means I won't get to meet out baby for at least 3 hours after birth.

    I have told myself that I won't bring up names with him for a couple weeks (easier said than done for me!) in hopes that will give him time to think about things. I might just write a 'paper list' leave it out at some point and see if he says anything to me about it. In the mean time I will keep thinking and let's hope I don't go insane, haha.
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