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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Honestly? I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but IMHO the mother should have the final say in naming the kid. You carried the thing for nine months; your opinion matters most. Especially since he hasn't made any suggestions or contributed anything substantive to the conversation.
    Yeah, no. That would be like a husband telling his stay-at-home-mom wife, "Since I'm the one out there making the money, I get final say on how we spend it". Marriage is a partnership and should be treated as such.

    Anyway, I'm with everyone else in that you should just narrow it down to a few names that you really like and present those to your husband after the baby's born. I also think that finding out the sex ahead of time would be a good idea, that way you don't have to stress out about two sets of names. And who knows? Maybe if you find out the gender, your husband will be able to focus more on naming the baby. I also think that Catherine is perfectly usable. Since it's a such a classic, traditional name, I don't think anyone would bat an eyelash at the fact that you have a cousin with the same name.

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    I know how you feel, my husband is the same. I suggested Malcolm for next baby and he just said "absolutely not" apparently because of Malcolm in the middle. I thought it was a good choice considering both our fave names (which the other hates...) however he is adamant that if we have a boy it should be Michael or Steven... I have a cousin named Steven and we grew up next door to each other... So frustrating!!!
    He also argues he can't talk about it until it's "real" and used that argument with our first too. They don't seem to get that the fetus is very real to us and we have this crazy bond and have a need to name this baby who we already feel we know so well!
    That said, I could never name our baby without him.
    I think you can use suggestions of other posters to go prepared. You can also *force* him to make a list of # of names he likes or that would be acceptable. Or give him a long list of names you find acceptable and he can choose from there!
    That's what we did last time.

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    Why do you HAVE to have a name before the baby is here? Why can't you wait until you actually meet him/her? It's one thing to have a short list but you want a name right now. He's not comfortable with that and that is not being difficult.

    I want to meet my child before I name them and I'd be highly annoyed if my partner was pushing me to decide.

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    I think Catherine is still usable, it's such a classic name and you hardly ever see your cousin. I also like Violet. Too bad he vetoed Genevieve, in my mind it's perfect with your girls' names! Love the suggustion of making a list and telling him he can't veto any unless he comes up with a sutible replacement and then taking that list with you to the hospital and choosing from it. Also you didn't ask for suggustions but do you like Caroline? I love it with Elizabeth and Annabelle
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    Catherine's my favorite with your girls. I like Catherine Ruth.
    I see no problem with sharing a name with the cousin, and I don't think it'd seem like naming her after the cousin either.

    Deep breaths. You have til November. I know you're frustrated, I hear you, but Elizabeth and Annabelle are doing fine despite previous naming frustrations. This little one's going to be just grand too.

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