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    Jake is a great name! I love it! It's a great name for a boy to have. Boys don't really care about their names and the popularity as much. There really is no potential for teasing. He might not be the only Jacob/Jake in his class though.
    See how popular the name is in your area. Maybe it isn't as popular there as it is in the rest of the country.
    It really does goes well with your other boys' names!
    Jacob is one that I would actually use, despite its popularity. Usually I stay far away from names in the top 100.

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    If you worry about Popularity just go with Jake- I think in the US its outside the top 100 and is what he will be called anyway its a very nice name- I even met a total douche with that name and I still love the name its that great..

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    or do you just need reassurance that you don't always have to be a Special Snowflake to be accepted here?

    You have fantastic taste.

    LOL! This is my first day on these forums and my first and possibly only post. I know my buddies on a different mom board are tired of hearing about my baby naming, this being the third pregnancy I've gone through with them, and I don't want to discuss it with my family, so I figured you all might be of help. And you were! Thank you so much - I do feel a lot better about using the name.

    We're definitely not into the Yoonique names, and try as hard as we can to avoid Special Snowflake syndrome. I hadn't really thought that hard about naming trends before this baby; we just chose names whose sound, history, and context we liked, and they all ended up being fairly uncommon today (though my oldest will be one of 3 Peters in his Kindergarten this fall!). I figured if anyone would have insight into the larger philosophical questions about using popular names, it would be you all!

    Again, my sincere thanks. I suspect Jacob Matthew thanks you, too, as I imagine he was tired of being referred to as "Number Four."

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    Not giving up at all!!
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    excuse my username

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    No worries, it's absolutely fine. Jacob has irresistible charm that's why it's so popular! If the popularity does bother you though, I agree with pp that Jacoby would be a great alternative!

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