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    Jacob is a strong, time-defying name, and sounds great with the other guys. There is no reason not to use it.

    On a side note - Wow! 4 boys! I wish you lots of luck and patience with your exciting handful!

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    Jacob would sound lovely with big brother's names. I also suggest Gideon, Thomas, Isaac, Cole, Charles, Daniel, Nathaniel, James, Everett, Benjamin, Nathan, if they are not already used by cousins.
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    I have always liked Jacob/Jake. In fact, I named my son that before it was super popular - he was born in 93. He never had a another Jake in his classes but there have been some coming up behind him. Jacob works well with your other sons names.
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    I live with teachers. I know more teachers than you can possibly imagine and than I can remember, and let me tell you something. In the beginning they may be looking for interesting names that they've never heard of but ultimately what they want are good students who behave and do their work. My mom is retiring after very very long teaching career and at some point the names all run together (and she has had some very uniquely named kids let me tell you). My sister and I had top 100 (atleast) names and you know we survived and we like our names.

    I don't think its giving up if you really love the name. I also see you're like my family very very traditional. I like your kids names and think Jacob fits right in.

    Good Luck!

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    It's not giving up at all! If you love it, use it!

    Also, I'm a teacher, too. A substitute, actually. I second what pansy said on the first page. The Jacobs (and Emmas, ect.) don't bother us. It's the made-up, misspelled, unpronouncible names that make us roll our eyes. I'd probably ask Jacob to help me take the roll since he'd be one of the only kids in the class with a name I could read.

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