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    Is it giving up to pick the #1 baby name?

    We're expecting our 4th boy. When we had our first and second sons, the idea that we'd eventually have to name 4 boys never crossed our minds, and we used up our next-best name choices as middle names. Oops.

    Now, thanks to our preference for traditional names and our gigantic family having used most of those names already, we are a bit stuck. Our first 3 boys' names were classic but not terribly common today, ranking in the 150 - 300 range in the US. We've never before considered anything in the top 10, but now...Jacob - to be called Jake - is looking really good! Our boys suggested it (thank you, Disney Jr), but it's actually the only name to which both my husband and I have reacted positively.

    But it is so wretchedly common. So be honest: Is naming your kid Jacob (or Sophia, or Mason-Ethan-Emma-Isabella) "giving up?"

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