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    Is it giving up to pick the #1 baby name?

    We're expecting our 4th boy. When we had our first and second sons, the idea that we'd eventually have to name 4 boys never crossed our minds, and we used up our next-best name choices as middle names. Oops.

    Now, thanks to our preference for traditional names and our gigantic family having used most of those names already, we are a bit stuck. Our first 3 boys' names were classic but not terribly common today, ranking in the 150 - 300 range in the US. We've never before considered anything in the top 10, but now...Jacob - to be called Jake - is looking really good! Our boys suggested it (thank you, Disney Jr), but it's actually the only name to which both my husband and I have reacted positively.

    But it is so wretchedly common. So be honest: Is naming your kid Jacob (or Sophia, or Mason-Ethan-Emma-Isabella) "giving up?"

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    No, I don't think so. It is a lovely classic boys name and I can see why so many have chosen it. If it feels like the right fit for you and your family don't be ashamed to choose it.

    Extra note: If you like the nickname Jake, you could always try Jacobi/y if Jacob's popularity is too much for you.
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    What are your boys' names?? Then nameberry can help you with suggestions... I kind of think it is giving up.. Let us help.. I wouldn't want the second most common name in the United. States...

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    Thanks, Sunshine Kid :-)

    Our boys are Peter, Stephen and Brendan.

    We've tried all kinds of name suggestion lists and tools on here and other sites. The problem is, we come from truly giant families (think, 12 siblings, almost 40 nieces & nephews with many more boys than girls, dozens upon dozens of first cousins, etc) and just about every obvious and not so obvious choice has already been taken. No one else has repeated, aside from a couple of juniors, so we don't want to either.

    Jacob is still available, probably because it is so popular.

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    Will they meet someone else in their lives with the same name? Yes, in all probability. Does that really matter? No. The world won't end because you meet someone else with 'your' name.

    Yeah, that doesn't bother me. My husband and I both have Top-10 names for our generation, and it has never been a problem or upset us. I just wonder if every teacher he meets will see "Jacob" and roll her eyes, like, "Oh look, ANOTHER one." I suppose, though, that it really doesn't matter. This is sort of the ultimate navel-gazing, isn't it?

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