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    London: seeking thoughts and middle names

    Hubby has lots of ideas for boy names, but finding a girl name that we agree on has been like pulling teeth! It's gotten to the point where I just started reading down the SSN list of names from 2012, hoping to land on something we both liked. The only name on my list (including those in my signature) that he remotely liked was Audrey.

    His pick? London. He doesn't just like it, he's rapturous.
    Besides looking and sounding pretty, London also holds the distinction of being our favorite city. To my husband, it's got the perfect mix of history, culture, art, gravitas, and personal significance. It's the name by which he's come to judge all other names, and he'll hardly listen to anything else.

    I, on the other hand, like London but I am not enamored with it. I tend not to prefer names ending with -on or -en sounds, and London isn't overtly feminine to me (my preference for girl names). I do like that it is two syllables and begins with my favorite letter, "L". I also like that unlike Lila, my favorite girl name, it doesn't look like other popular names that might make it seem more common than it actually is (Layla, Lily, etc.).

    My biggest concern is London's trendiness. It wasn't even on the SSN top 1000 list until 1994 and over the last couple of years it has vaulted to the top 100, though it did stabilize at 94 the past two years. I don't at all mind a top 100 name, but I don't want a name that seems "flash in the pan" and is easily dateable. DH thinks that London is a gorgeous city with a long history, and thus is somewhat timeless even if the baby name has only recently become fashionable.

    Your thoughts? Are my "trendiness" fears with London founded? Does it really matter all that much if we both like the name (especially since DH loves it)?

    Second question: middle names. I'd like to find something that is either one syllable or is 2-3 syllables with the stress on the last syllable. Since I already feel that London is a bit trendy, I'd like to stay away from super trendy middles: no Grace, Rose, etc. It should probably not be a word/"thing" name, as I think that makes London sound adjectival, ie: London Ivy, London Snow. I'd also like to avoid anything associated with a famous Brit (so no London Kate, London Elizabeth, etc.) It should not end with an -on, -an, or -en sound. Enough rules?

    Rules in mind, what middle name would you pair with London?
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    London is nms... I do find it a bit trendy, and London also has issues with pollution, riots a few years ago, etc. It's nothing against London, but when you name a kid after a place, if that place becomes trashy or dirty in the future, it will be linked to their name. That exact thing happened to my DH, Javad, when he was a teenager. A famous street in Tehran, Javad St., became quite low-class, filled with criminals... he got a lot of flack about that... However, if your husband really likes it, that's saying something. I'd keep it in the name no matter what (either first or middle), as a means of encouragement...

    For a middle name, I wouldn't pair it with a nouny/ adj. name (London Pearl, London Rose, London Scarlett), as it sounds like a phrase...
    London Odette
    London Cosette
    London Odette
    London Fay
    London Kay
    London Margot
    London Estelle
    London Camille
    London Esme
    London Jeanette
    London Renee
    London Rochelle
    London Raquel
    London Rosemarie
    London Rosette
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    Yeah, it's trendy. No matter how long the place has been around, the name is not classic or timeless. And funny how people only see the good side of places when they consider them for names...
    Sorry, I know I'm being harsh, but I'm finding it difficult to see London as a name and not the capital city of my country, so I'm struggling to find anything that sounds right with it in the MN spot. Any name after London sounds like a person being described; "This is the London Mary, this is the London Jane and this is the London Sarah. Now let's meet the Chicago Hannah..." If you both like London, why not put it in the middle and use Audrey for a first?

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    @tfzolghadr Good point on the whole name being tied to a place that could change drastically over decades. Maybe I can bargain him down to a middle name. Of your suggestions Estelle really stood out to me, but our surname is Estes, and I think that might be too much on the "est".

    @sunshine kid I quite like London Maeve (and Mae!)

    @charlieanperry1 Hadn't even thought about London seeming like it describes the place where someone is from. I doubt that she'd often go by both names though, so I'm not sure that would occur to most people since she wouldn't be introduced as London Mary, etc. I think he knows that London is far from perfect, it just brings back a lot of happy sentimentalism from our time spent studying abroad in the city. I just hate to knock down the only name he's shown any real passion for. I do like the suggestion of Audrey London, and I might try throwing that out there and see how he responds.
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