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    Getting lost in the -elle/el's

    I posted this in the girl forum and only got one response, I hope this gets more replies here.

    Would Emmanuelle get lost in amongst the Isabelle's/Arabella's/Annabelle's/Danielle's? They are high in popularity and their variations are rising in popularity as they are "on-trend" (not trendy however).

    Will it blend in?
    Or does it have a different feel to it?
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    My daughters name is Annabelle and despite attending many play groups, music classes and birthday parties we have only met 1 other Annabelle (who was 7 years older than our Annabelle), 2 Isabella's, 1 Elle and 1 Arabelle.

    I think Emmanuelle has a different feel about it to the other names you listed although it shared the elle ending.
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    I think that Emmanuelle would fall into that coveted "fitting in, standing out" sweet spot most parents seek. It would fit in with the elle pattern, but it is different without being on trend or a new rising star. It may be a little much for some, which is good as it won't become overwhelmingly popular. I also think it is a good choice because it is familiar, yet uncommon (another area that a lot of parents desire).
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    I love Emmanuelle!
    I think it will definitely stand out against the super popular "ella" names.

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    Emmanuelle is different enough, I think, to stand out. But what an interesting observation! Just like the vogue ending for girl's names of MY generation was the -y ending (Tiffany, Brittney, Chelsea, Ashley, Kelsey, Kylie), it seems like the ending for this generation is either the -a (which probably can't properly be a trend because it's really just classic) and the -elle/-ella. It may feel a bit trendy soon. I don't know. Emmanuelle will never feel trendy though. It's different enough.
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