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    From my experience (large family with many siblings and cousins), 2—3 years is the best option. I think a baby needs at least 2 years when he is your major focus; it's best to wait until the older child is a little more independent so they won't resent the lack of attention.
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    Well I don't have any kids yet since I'm 18 but I can tell you about being the youngest of 4. My parents had Nicole, Stephen, Daniel, and Emily (me) all within 8 years. The first 3 are all 2 years apart from each other. Then there was a 4 year after accident that occurred. Anywayyyy...not counting Stephen because nobody gets along with him. My sister and I are 8 years apart and couldn't be closer. She got married when I was 11 years old so her husband is like my brother. Growing up without a mom, she really became anything I needed especially a mom until I was old enough to just need a sister and a friend. My brother Daniel is 4 years older than me and as kids we had a love/hate relationship because he's very self centered and i'm very much the "baby of the family" but we always played together and now we are very close. For my dad, it was great to have us so far apart because as a single dad he could count on my oldest sister to watch us. But it also meant he changed a lot as a parent from the time he was raising my siblings to raising me which causes some disagreements.
    As far as just being a kid with older siblings it was awesome. My friends were insanely jealous of my cool older sister and my hilarious gay brother. They were jealous of the fact that me and my siblings were best friends while they had a year older brother who annoyed them in school or never wanted to be seen around them. And we were never in the same school as kids which was amazing!! By the time I got to high school everything had changed anyway so there was none of that feeling of non importance cause it's already been done. That might just be a youngest thing though. We all got to grow up in our own generation which was nice. Being the youngest, I matured a lot faster than most kids my age because I was surrounded by older kids all the time. And now as we all become adults there is so much advice I can give my sister and she can give me and so much help between all the siblings. So in my opinion, 4 years is the perfect age gap between siblings.

    Sorry for the lengthy response haha.
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    My younger sister and I are 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days apart! There are definitely pros and cons (most of which have already been listed), but overall I would say it has been a good experience having someone so close to me in age.

    Ideally, I would like to have four children within 10 years. I hope to have Baby #1 and Baby #2 be two years apart, Baby #2 and Baby #3 be three years apart, and Baby #3 and Baby #4 be five years apart. I suppose that whatever is meant to be will happen.

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    Done! Nelly is sleeping peacefully in her cosy cradle and I am back to NB, dying to see your replies and finally answer. Thanks again ladies!
    @charlieandperry1: oh well, I am not surprised you didn't get with your bros in well - honestly, I have never met siblings who never argued. One girl in my class always had bruises and abrasions all over her body because she fought very bad with her little brother, ha ha. From your pros I really mark out the relationship(playmate) one. Every child has to deal with other people and I agree it's very important to have your early experience at home - the younger you are when you learn how to communicate best, the easier it will be in teens and adulthood. And even if kids don't get on at all(your con #1), they will know how they have to consider anyone else's opinion and respect it, the thing I learned very well myself and so I am grateful I had the opportunity to get. That gives a chance they might have less problems with society, which is so vital in life.
    @Otter: To start off, I guess this is not a topic for you because I am sure you will have wonderful kids and best friends whatever the gap is
    Yeah, I agree mommy needs some time to recover - that's very individual, of course, but dealing with newborn wears out anyway, especially if mama is having her first experience with care. In my situation, we don't have huge funds right now and despite the fact new baba may use some of Nelly's clothes, toys etc, raising second child requires money and we have to wait until we can handle it materially.
    As for little gaps... Well, even though dealing with two little kids isn't easy(let's face, it is hard, exhausting but so worthy later), you will get into rhythm one day but have the urgent experience. And growing up knowing you always have somebody to love and get love and support from is nothing but the best.
    Health is an issue anyway though, I wouldn't like my kids to realize I can't take care if them so have to watch it out.
    *Oh Lord, I have to go again.(not Nelly but SO) I promise I will share my thoughts on each reply, the thing is only when I have time. Guess I am not ready to #2 at all since I can't pay enought attention to boyfriend, girly and my own stuff - Internet, forums, beauty treats. Will work on it and try to find time to get back to NB soon*

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    We intend on having our first two quite close together. As in, less than two years apart. Probably TTC #2 when the first is a year old. I think it's good if the eldest can't remember ever being the only child. I was just over two years old when my brother was born and I don't remember at all.
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