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    Birthday Parties

    Can we talk about birthday parties? What has worked for you at what age, what hasn't? What themes have you used (or have you used themes at all?) Which games and foods went over well? Any tips for keeping things low cost?

    Both my kiddos as well as I have birthdays in August. My son will be 7 and my daughter will be 1. Definitely too much of an age gap to combine parties! I'm thinking of an Angry Birds theme for him and a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme for her (I like to plan early). The plan is also to make the cakes myself and I'm DEFINITELY not a baker! I have found the last few birthday parties we have thrown for our son very stressful.

    Basically I'm looking for any and all ideas, opinions and experiences in regards to kids' birthday parties.
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    I haven't exactly planned any birthday parties for children but I have been invited to quite a few.

    Some favourite games include pin the donkey, sack racing and pinatas. These I think are not very hard to plan and are relatively cheap.

    As for cakes, have you considered making cupcakes instead? They are quite easy and fun to decorate.

    Angry birds:




    cupcake (this one looks awesome)

    Hope this helps!

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    If it's in August, you can get the kids out in the garden if the weather's good. If it's Angry Birds, you can maybe get some cut outs of the pigs and give each kid a cheap water pistol/washing up bottle full of water to try and 'kill' the pigs with, like in the game. Then of course they will probably end up turning on each other, so maybe do that last/while you get dinner ready.

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    I don't have much advice with the 1 year old, but as for the 7 year old PLEASE do not invite the whole second grade class. It is always a disaster and a mess. Just invite your son's closest friends and try to keep it under 10 at the most. And no sleepover either; I remember going to those as a kid and I was miserable. No sleep and kids fighting; it was awful! My best birthday memories are just running around in the sprinkler with a few friends and doing arts and crafts. Tie dye is a great one that all kids will like!
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    I've read on a lot of message boards to alternate the years that your kids get a "big" party. This seems like it could be exceptionally helpful in your case, with the birthdays so close together. If you really want a huge party for your daughter's first, consider just taking a few of your son's closest friends to a movie for his birthday. Or if you want to throw him an Angry Birds party next year, just have family over for cake for your daughter's. The problem with having big parties, IMO, is that you (and the kids) inevitably feel the need to top the previous year, which just gets too stressful!
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