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    As long as the kid is handsome, it's a great choice, otherwise, he might prefer to use his middle name.

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    Too out there for me... and it isn't very wearable. I agree with rkrd... What if he's really ugly and awkward? Then it's ironic.
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    I don't think it's possible to hear Romeo without thinking of Romeo and Juliet. That said, I don't think it's bad or gauche or anything--it's a legit literary name. It is, however quite a lot to live up to. The Beckham kid will be fine because it's a pretty good shot he's gonna be a looker. But it might be kind of a rough handle for an average looking or homely boy/man.

    Other names that have a similar feel:

    Lorenzo? (nn Enzo)
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    I just found out that my husband's great-grandfather's real name was Romeo. Apparently he must have hated it, because my husband had always heard him called Roman.

    It's a little cheesy for my taste and not exactly a shining role-model for a character (young teen that kills himself over a girl? Kinda noble, but no one is worth suicide over). But it could be worse. It is a real name, with a real history, and nothing really wrong with it. Just not my style.
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    I wouldn't have a problem with Romeo, love Shakespeare, except every Romeo I've ever encountered has been a little hellion so it's ruined for me.

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