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    To go with Sadie Eloise, for a girl I would say use Maisie or Lila for the first name, they seem to have a similiar style to Sadie. Love the combos of Lila Maeve or Maisie Annabel. For a boy I would say that Luca and Elliot are both nice, but Luca definitely is my top pick!

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    I LOVE Sadie Eloise! What a sweet name. I like it best with Lila or Annabel from your list, also Amelia or Stella:
    Lila Maeve
    Annabel Maeve
    Amelia Maeve, Amelia Poppy
    Stella Maeve, Stella Beatrice

    Something like Nora or Tess would be cute too.

    For the boys I think Elliot fits well, but my favorite combo is Ezra Flynn. Maybe Henry, George, Owen, Liam, Jude, Miles, Finn, Rhys, Jasper, Oliver...?

    Note: I think Emyrs is usually spelled Emrys.
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    I'd pick Flynn, then Luca for a boy and Maisie then Annabel for a girl
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    Thank you for all your replies. I guess i just love Sadie's name so much i is hard to find anything equally matching

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    Quote Originally Posted by kacl View Post
    My daughter is Sadie Eloise.

    My favorites:
    Maeve, Mirabel, Annabel, Bethany, Maisie, Lila
    Emrys, Elliot, Ezra, Flynn, Luca

    Any suggestions?

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    Great list! LOVE Sadie.

    For what it's worth, my little 5 month old lady is Maeve (which we love and get loads of compliments on!) but I do find myself nicknaming her to Maisie about 50% of the time. Just a thought if you want to consider two birds with one stone... I love the strong yet feminine feel of Maeve and think it translates better into adulthood, but the occasional 'Maisie' nickname just comes out easily too for a smiley little baby sometimes.

    I agree that Lila Maeve is a gorgeous combo - but can't help thinking the less common Maeve deserve the first name spot (although of course I am extremely biased!)

    From your boys I think Luca is wonderful. Flynn is a close second, although perhaps slightly more trendy? Love Ezra too.

    Good luck!

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