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    I agree with the others: Corinne would be pronounced differently than Carinne, which is mostly just Karen. I love Corinne though, and Corinne Joelle is lovely. Note that Cori isn't actually shorter than Corinne, so maybe you could do without a nn?

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    Thanks everyone! I had a feeling I would get these kinds of answers so it's definitely something to mull over. I'm leaning toward just going with Corinne and calling her Cari anyway. If we end up picking Corinne that is! Thanks so much for your thoughts!!!

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    cvdutch31, that is a great plan! Tons of nicknames aren't pulled exactly from names: William -Bill/ Margaret -Peg, Peggy, etc./ Roberta -Bobby /Elizabeth -Libby and so on
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    I would go with Corinne. My sister's name is Corynn. My Mom did NOT want people to call her Cory and this little old lady insisted that people would esp if she spelled it that way. Well no one has, and this spelling suits her very well. She is Corynn, Rynn, and Rynnie.
    When I see Carinne and Karinne I see the name Karen. Same with the nick name, I see Kari and Cari as Carrie. That is just my opinion though. In the end it is your's and your husbands decision.
    BTW, Love the name Corinne. If I didn't have a sister with that name I would use it!

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