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Thread: Naming 'X'

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    Naming 'X'

    I have this charater, and she's pretty smart, and she likes this guy called Irwin (who's really smart, can do rubrics cubes really quickly, and plays piano) but she doesn't know it. She's got dark blond hair, blue eyes and an easily flared temper. She's sort of short, (152cm) but not really.She's always surrounded by friends (including Irwin because he knows he likes her, and never gets to tell her because it's never the right situation) and is always happy.

    I've got a list of names I want to call her, but I can't decide;
    Constance Black
    Holly Frost Shakespeare
    Celestine Edison
    Lucy Macbeth
    Lola Mackenzie
    Clementine Halloran
    B'elanna Anderson
    Ursula Tabia

    Could you tell me which one suits 'X' best, or make up ones you think suit her?

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    Lucy Macbeth or Lola Mackenzie. Fun loving, but also classy/serious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    Lucy Macbeth or Lola Mackenzie. Fun loving, but also classy/serious.

    Maybe Celestia? I know most people consider it frilly, but I think it works better than Celestine. I think Electra or Elettra fit 'X' as well.

    Good luck!
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    152 cm is short, it's actually almost dwarf if you ask me (when you're in 140 cm category I think you're a dwarf). Just letting you know! ^^ and I agree with Celianne on Lola Mackenzie.
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    Ha ha, have to agree 152 is quite short but not a big deal I suppose. Out of your options I don't like Shakespeare(you will never get through William connection), Lola(honestly, I can't take it serious) or B'elanna(odd to my ears). Constance Black is fine, what about Constance Halloran? I also like Lolita/Lilia nn Lola Mackenzie.

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