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Thread: Nausea

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    I'm 14 weeks now, and had about 5 days (not consecutive) of slight queasiness on my first trimester between weeks 8-10 and that was it. It felt just like motion sickness. I did vomit once, from my gag reflex while brushing my teeth/tongue. My gag reflex was WAY sensitive and is only now starting to improve.

    My strongest symptom was actually fatigue, which was a struggle. It's a good thing I work from home with flexible hours, because my body was demanding 2hr naps in the afternoon. I haven't had smell sensitivity (I'd guess this ties in with nausea), only minimal bloating, slightly more frequent urination, sore (and bigger) breasts.

    My mom was exactly the same: no nausea, strong fatigue, little to nothing else.
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    I had pretty bad morning sickness. I felt kind of nauseous a few days, it wasn't too bad, and then around 8 weeks I threw up EVERYTHING for 2 days straight and went to the ER for an IV. They gave me an Rx for nausea meds, which worked wonderfully, but gave me a dull/annoying headache. I continued to have morning sickness until 15 weeks, and then continued nausea for another 5+ weeks. (I think a lot it was from my really low - prepregnancy as well - blood pressure).

    I had no more nausea or vomiting in pregnancy except twice when I ate pizza, and had pretty awful heartburn for the last month or so (that was WAY worse than the nausea).

    I threw up two or three times when in labor, but honestly I barely remember that. I was just happy things were moving along at that point.

    Honestly, I BARELY remember the morning sickness. When people ask if I had morning sickness, I say "a little" or "kind of" until my mom reminds me I was hospitalized for it and it lasted so long. It really seems like nothing looking back.
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    When I was pregnant with my first I threw up a ton, all the way through my pregnancy. Every time I brushed my teeth, and every time I took my prenatal vitamin. I was very nauseous in the mornings, it would peak around 10AM when people at work would make strong smelling morning snacks. During labour the nurse gave me morphine and gravol and I threw up a few times from that, but I never threw up from contractions or anything.

    This pregnancy my nausea is a lot less severe. My hubs' doctor gave us a tip to stave off nausea: bananas. To avoid morning sickness, just eat a banana before bed. That's it. It's the potassium or something. Also I switched prenatal vitamins - now I take one that is a lower dose, so you take 3 pills per day instead of just one & I can spread it out throughout the day & avoid the intense calcium-iron war barfing. In this pregnancy though I'm noticing I'm a lot more dizzy and tired than last time.

    ETA: With my daughter, for a while all I could keep down were junior chicken burgers (mostly in the first trimester). And then toward my third trimester whenever I ate I ate like a champion (that is to say, I just kept eating til I ran out of food). This pregnancy I'm pretty much only eating ice cream... I'm blaming it on the heat. But I don't seem to have any food aversions, I still want to eat all my normal spicy, strong smelling, fatty, delicious foods. No water crackers for me.
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