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Thread: Nausea

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    Did you have it during pregnancy? A lot of it or only every once in a while? And how about vomiting? And during labor? I know this varies a lot from person to person. I am not pregnant and we aren't trying quite yet, but in the next couple of years! And honestly, this is one of the things that I am least looking forward to and makes me be able to stand holding off a while more for a baby. I HATE throwing up and feeling nauseous... Ick. I can handle pain really well. but.... Just not this. I had kidney stones once, and while the pain was the worse thing I've ever felt, it was somewhat bearable. The nausea that accompanied it however, was not.

    Anyways, I know it's kind of a gross subject, I wa just curious!

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    I was queasy and dizzy for about a week in early pregnancy, probably around 8-10 weeks. I never threw up, because I also hate throwing up and I have trained myself to keep it together. Later in pregnancy, like 35+ weeks, I had indigestion and acid reflux really bad so I would get nauseous every once in awhile. I had no nausea during labor/delivery. Morning sickness is unlike regular nausea in my opinion, it feels like you're spinning really fast in a circle. The nausea is due to your head spinning and being dizzy. It throws your equilibrium off I guess.
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    I'm at week 16 and never had any morning sickness. Tired? Absolutely! Headaches? Yep. Clumsiness, short-term memory loss, etc. etc., but never any nausea or vomiting. You never know, some of us get lucky!

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    With Roo I had very little morning sickness, some neusea but no throwing up (like RGE this is something I hate and I've trained myself to hold back). I was also very tired, but basically it felt like I had something coming along, like a migraine. This was between week 6 and 8. Then it, for the most, went away.

    This little bunny is another story. I think I'm seven-eight weeks along, and I'm so sick. Not just nausea and fatigue, I'm throwing up constantly. I hope it will stop soon cause it's wearing me out. The thing is though, when you're pregnant you can handle it, because it's all for the little baby.
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    I had mild nausea and vomited a few times in the first trimester. I also vomited during labour but didn't feel nauseous for more than 20 mins or so. For me food aversions were a lot worse than the nausea.
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