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    Olivia Regina -- what a nightmare. Didn't like my name for a long time (Elizabeth Virginia), but Olivia Regina is such a mean girl name, no thanks.

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    If I was a boy my dad insists I would have been named Wade Henry. I was supposed to be an Andrea, but my parents announced this months before I was born. My dad's cousin swooped in and named her daughter, who is just a few months older than me, Andrea. My mom really wanted me to be named Paige, but my dad was reluctant to name me after "part of a book." Maybe by this point they just gave up and settled on the #1 name for 14 years in a row ('70-'84), Jennifer.

    Now people will always be trying to find a name beyond Jennifer & Jason. Thanks Linda and Pam. Thanks a lot.
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    If I was a boy, I would have been an Ezra. My mom said a few other choices were Cate, Chelsea and Amelia. I like Madeline, but it's pretty common with my age group. I would've been fine with Chelsea or Amelia because they would suit me pretty well. People say I look like an Eloise or Olivia

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    I was going to be named after my aunt Carolyn, but my mom went with her then-best friend's name instead.
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    My mum liked Jessica for a girl, but always insisted that I would be Alicia (pronounced Alisha) if I was a girl. I actually quite like Jessica so I'm glad I'm Alicia instead

    If I were a boy, I would be named Dewi - the Welsh for David (my dad's name) - to honour the fact that both my grandma's families were Welsh

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