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    I was going to be Lisa, I'm so glad my mum ended up picking Laura.
    She decided against Lisa when my gran (dad's mum) pronounced it LEE-ZA.
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    I was going to be either Maria or Vassiliki or Cassandra.In the end I was named Vassiliki which I hate. I was always wishing my parents had named me Cassandra.
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    If I was a boy I would of been Zachary Craig.
    Other girl contenders were Monique and Jacinta but my Grandmother hated them and told my mother to take another look in the baby name book which is when she found the name Caitlin.
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    Ugh... Dagmar, Freja/Freya,Vibe & Elizabeth. I'd have looved to be a Dagmar! But they chose not to, because my great-grandma was still alive (yes, that is why it got a no). I've never felt like an Elizabeth and I hate to me, but love it to other girls. My brother would have been either Phillip, Thor/Tor or Odin. Phillip won.
    My father never had a word to say in our names.
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    The only other girls name they briefly talked about was Bethany, but they were pretty much set on Jennifer. Boy name was Christopher. I was born in 1979.
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