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    What were you almost named?

    I was talking to my mom the other day, and we were discussing names. She said that while she was pregnant she wanted to name me either Robin, Nadine or Chantelle. I cringe at all of these (they really don't suit me), and thank my dad for his good sense. Thankfully dad won, and I ended up being Melissa.

    What were some of the name contenders for you?
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    I has going to be named Greta (my parents are awesome), but when my parents mentioned the name to my grandpa, he said, "Greta Van Sustren?" Yes, he thought of the newscaster. I has going to be Hosea if I was a boy. I'm really glad I wasn't cause the name reminds me of hoses for some reason. But I got named Ellie, and honestly, I love my name. Although the Berry community will forever find this name insubstantial and a trendy inferior to Eleanor, I'll always root for my name.
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    I could have been Fawn, Mercedes, Claire or Nicole. Kind of a range there.
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    I was going to be a Michael if i was a boy, but i was always going to be a Cristina if i was a girl which i absolutly adore.

    My mom had said after i was born her next girl was going to be named Gabriella, i had 3 sisters born after me named Vanessa, Jessica and Melissa...she claimed none of them fit Gabriella when they were born. She has now moved on to urging us to use Gabriella for one of our children. (I did not lol)
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    I was going to be named Ellery! But I was named Payton instead :/ haha

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