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    I was always going to be Danielle, Dad wanted it spelt Dannielle - mum won! If I was a boy.. So glad I'm not.. I was going to be either Darren or Declan.. Eurgh! My younger brother is called Craig, I don't think he had any alternatives
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    I was going to be a Holly, but it clashed with my middle name: Hope. The other choices were just your typical 90s names: Rachel, Kate/Kaitlyn/Katie, Lauren, etc. My mom said if they hadn't thought of my name (Chloe) I probably would've been Mikayla. I like Chloe much better!

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    My mother was determined to name me Jillian, but my Dad hated it. They found Caitlin in a name book and agreed on it because it was of Irish origin and they had never met anyone of that name. Turns out the 90's birthed LOTS of Caitlin/Kaitlyns though so I had several in my class throughout the years. Still, I can't imagine being a "Jillian" and love my name

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    I was pretty much always going to be Freya, but if I was a boy I was going to be Liam and my mom's back-up girl name was Erin. I think my dad liked Marika, which is nice-ish, but I'm very glad I got Freya.
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    My mom wanted to name me Samantha Joe, and have me go by Sammy Joe. My dad's second choice was Amber (eew). I am glad they named me Sierra, after the beautiful mountains.
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