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    My mom wanted to name me Fern, my dad wanted to name me Nicole. Fern would have suited me just fine, I am not a Nicole. The middle name (Hazel) was never up for debate, and somehow I turned out to be Shawn Hazel

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    My dad really wanted me to be Erin, which would have suited me, but my mom refused due to associations with an unpleasant former cheerleader. My mom wanted to name me Emma which really wouldn't have worked because of a bitter family feud involving an Imogene. If I was a boy, I would have been Josiah... A decent enough name but not something I would've appreciated.

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    My dad wanted to call me Carmen (I don't think it would have suited me at all!). If I had been a boy I would have been Jacob. However, I was named Miriam which I don't like either but oh well.
    Blythe Magnolia Lark - Roscoe Maverick Hawk

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    Girl: Stacey
    Boy: Max

    Ended up Katie

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    My dad is Japanese and my mom is American so me and my siblings have Japanese sounding names.
    Anyway my mom always loved Amika and Mili. So she wanted to use them on me but, they ended up naming me Liia. And I love my name and thank GOD my name isn't Amika!!

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