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    Aug 2012
    My Mommy was set on naming me Kimberly, but my Daddy heard the name Abigail and fell in love. I'm glad of that, it suits me better.
    Abigail - 21 - contend with naming characters until I have my own munchkins someday.

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    I was very close to be named Linda. It was 1950. I am so glad my mother didn't name me Linda because there were, I'm not kidding you, about five Linda's just within a two block radius of where I lived. The other name that was very popular was Sandra (Sandy). There must have been six in my graduating class.

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    My name's Jess (Jessica) and I was nearly called Kaitlin/Caitlin, soo glad I wasn't. Although my name is common I feel Kaitlin isn't me! My brother (Thomas/Tom - yea.. original names I know) and my mum liked Brenton for him but my Dad vetoed that instantly!

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    I was always going to be a Patricia Ann, after my mother's favorite sibling and my godmother.
    If I was a boy (cue Beyonce song) I was going to be John Paul, yes, after the late Pope.
    As a joke (at least I'm hoping) my dad's vote was for Laverna Emily.

    My sister, on the other hand, he wanted to name Judith while my mom pushed for Margaret (nn Maggie) or Christina.
    I cried for days when they didn't name her Elizabeth.

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    If I was a boy, I would have been Gabriel. I actually love the name, but, like my mother, hate nn Gabe.
    My mom ended up getting her way with my actual name (which I love!) but thank God my dad didn't; he wanted either Naomi, Zoe or Grace. Definitely not me.
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