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    My Dad told me he wanted to name me Dovie after his great-aunt! I ended up D@wn, which I don't like, although I'm okay with my nickname, DJ.

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Robin ... and I'm rather pleased that my mum picked Zelia over that (despite the endless mispronunciations and spelling errors). See now, I love Robin and I strongly associate it with the wonderful Robin Hood, therefore I immediately think "boy" when I hear it. Also, while it has a sweet but still strong ring to it in English, in Danish it just sounds way too rugged to ever work as a girls name (in my opinion, at least). The story behind her wanting to call me Robin is better than the story behind my *real* name though. The European Robin is my mum's favourite bird, whereas she saw Zelia in the credits of some film and just liked the name.
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    Allison- no idea what they would have used for a middle name.

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    I was going to be called idea why my Mum changed her mind but I am so glad she did!

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    My parents named me Kelsey Taylor; it was actually on the birth certificate. But my mom couldn't ignore the feeling of Olivia Taylor that pestered her through her pregnancy, and so they asked the nurse to change it. The nurse covered up Kelsey and wrote Olivia over it. I feel like Kelsey matches my personality too, but then again almost anyone can be a Kelsey. I think Olivia is just as creative as I am.

    When mom was pregnant with my younger brother, she liked the name Savanna. She carried the name Collin Bartley in her heart throughout her pregnancy and luckily he turned out to be a boy! He's totally a Collin.
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