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    Question Think we finally may have a name - WDYT and possible sibling suggestions?

    My husband likes the name Madeleine Ava M. ( 3 syllable last name ending in O) and I don't hate it and can't seem to find anything I like better either. What do you think of it and what are possible sibling names that would go well? I wanted to stay away from more popular names because I'm a Jennifer but I seem to be drawn to them, though i still dislike trendy names. Also, I would probably consider sibling names either with first or middle names with an "A" since if we go with Ava that would start a theme (Hubby is mn Anthony and I'm an Ann). I also posted this in the baby names forum too.

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    Well, if you don't hate the name, then I can't help but think you don't love it, either! Are you sure it's the one for you? You could try similar sounding Magdalen instead of Madeleine, or use another accessible French name like Juliette. Names with a similar feel that work either as sibling names or alternative names are Annabelle (Annabel), Anneliese, Caroline, Eloise, Eleanor, Emmeline, Fiona, Genevieve, Helena, Isabelle (Isabel), Julia, Katherine, Lucille, Natalie, Phoebe, Rosanna, Rosaline, Regina, Ruby, Sarah, Simone, Violet, Vivienne, and Victoria. You can pretty much put next to anything with Madeleine Ava, though the best fits will be classic feminine names. So, anything from Sarah and Julia (very classic) to Georgia and Ivy (more vintage) to Gemma and Poppy (more modern) work.

    As for A middle names, you could run wild with that - Alice, Amelia, Adeline, Adele, Adelaide, Anastasia, Aurora, Abigail, etc.

    Best of luck!
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    Names similar to Madaleine (I think that spelling might cause problems down the line) are Magdalene, Margaret, Madison, Matilda, Marjorie, Maribel, Lillian, Catherine (I really am not a fan of Katherine), Caitlin (not a fan of Kaitlyn), Emmeline, Rosalind, Vivian/Vivianne (not quite sure how that really works with Ava), Adeline (fresher alternative, no?), Adelaide, Juliet, Allison.

    If you didn't mind dropping Ava as a middle name, for a first name you could do Avaline/Avalin/Avalyn/Avalon. I also don't recommend pairing Adeline, Adelaide, or Allison with Ava or any A middle name, really.
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    I like the name. My possible sibling suggestion is that you get to pick the next name because he chose this one

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