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    My friend's family recently welcomed three new babies (from different relatives). They're named Elizabeth, Cylus, and Kloe. Love Elizabeth, but Cylus and Kloe seem super trendy. If Cylus had been Silas or Cyrus I think that would've been great.

    Also, I work at a library and when I'm shelving in the children's room I get to hear a lot of names. Most recently I heard...

    Piper and Knox (sister and brother - can you say trendy?!)

    And the most surprising name I heard was Carol-Anne - on a little girl! It reminded me so much of the movie Poltergeist.
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    I met two little boys at the park named Diego and Bruno. I thought it was a really cool, exotic-sounding sibset. I actually kind of like the -o endings together, and it's a nice way to tie the names without being too matchy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jinxgirl View Post
    I was at a bridal shower yesterday and was surprised by the children I met. A two year old Julian and Richard and a six year old Sharon. Sharon?! Really?!
    I actually find Sharon really refreshing. It's kind of cool to see those baby-boom names coming back (probably a la Mad Men). I know a little boy named Keith.
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    I watched an episode of Bet On Your Baby once and they had twin boys on named James and Orion.
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    I met a little boy at the park, aged 2.5, whose name is Holiday.

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