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    Thoughts on Seraphina?

    Hi everyone! I love the name Seraphina - both how it sounds and what it means - and I think it would be a gorgeous name for a baby and a little girl. My concern is how the name would wear an an adult...on a resume, etc. What are your thoughts? Thanks!!

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    It doesn't seem to me as though it would be a problem later on...I think it sounds worldly and interesting, and of course, very pretty
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    Hmmm... I think it would definitely be difficult for a grown woman to wear. I think Seraphine would be much more wearable than Seraphina, as it is a tad less frilly. I can't imagine a Dr. Seraphina, but I could probably see a Dr. Seraphine. That's the test I always use!
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    I think it's beautiful, and one of my favorite names, but I'll likely use it as a middle name if I'm fortunate to have the opportunity.

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    I think Seraphina is pretty versatile. And if you're worried about it you could always give her a more down-to-earth nn like Sara
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