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    Thanks everyone, for sharing! I'm actually not interested in a full name for Huck other than Huckleberry (I love Huckleberry Finn, and I get pretty happy when I think about having a little boy who shares a name with such a beautiful little character), but was genuinely curious about how easy/difficult it is to pull off a nickname that has no etymological (?) tie to the actual given name.
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    I think it depends on the nickname and it depends on the people in your life. If your family is already outspoken about not approving of a baby name, making it a nickname instead of an official name might give them a way out of using it. Likewise, I can see a elementary school teacher undermining your plan to call your daughter Elizabeth, Bitsy, a lot easier than I can see one undermining your plan to call her Beth.

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    I am trying to make a nn happen that is nothing to do with my actual name. It is hard because I am already grown a bit but I think from birth it is much easier. As for Huck-its the obvious nn for Huckleberry.

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    Historically, nicknames did not always come from a 'prescribed list' like people seemingly try to enforce now (at least in my part of the US) so I definitely think it will and can work as long as the child is introduced as whatever the nickname is. I actually really prefer nicknames that are not necessarily related or at least not expected/ obvious so I plan on using one if I have another girl (for some reason, I'm not big on nicknames for any of the boy names I like).
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    Cool Huckleberry

    I suppose it depends on whether, because of the association with Huckleberry Finn, this should really be designated in books and forums like ours, as strictly a masculine name ? Huck certainly is - well, as certainly as anything, these days - but what about Berry ? Which, by the way, is what most people use for our little Huckleberry Florence (2 years old a few days ago) - many people have difficulty accepting the name Huckleberry - I uspect that would be true if she were a boy, too - so they look for ways to shorten it. Her NN (for the "traditionalists") has become Berry. But we LOVE Huckleberry.

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