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    Honestly, I think you can name him whatever you want and nickname him whatever you want (even something completely unrelated). People will call him whatever you tell them he's called. My mom has an uncle named John, but as a child she never knew his name was John because he was always called Bud. She also has an uncle Harry or Henry or something (see? I can't even remember) who is referred to as Butch. These weren't nicknames their friends gave them in school or when they were in the service or whatever. That's what their parents called them (probably because they were named after other family members with the same first names).

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    stephanie413: Your story made me think of a friend of mine who named his daughter Francesca because he was in love with the idea of Frankie as a nickname. Then he and his wife just ended up calling her "Checkie." Go figure
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    I think you kind of have more leeway with choosing a nickname if it's a more normal one. Say you've always called your son Theodore 'Teddy'. By the time he goes to school it's just kinda gonna be his name. But say you've always called your Elizabeth 'Bitsy', chances are once she gets to school the kids will change it to Beth or Liz.

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    I think if you call your kid by their nickname enough, it will stick, and they'll tell other people to call them that as well...which for Huck is great; however if you give cutesy nicknames its also something to watch out for. I knew a girl who insisted on going by her parents' nickname for her well through high school...that nickname happened to be "Fuzzy." So she insisted that her high school teachers and peers called her Fuzzy as well.
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    Yep. I went to university and said 'Hi, I'm Ren' and I've been Ren for eight years now.

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