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    Your children have beautiful names so you really can't go wrong. I agree with the above comments about Josephine Anne-- there are other mns that work much better. I like the suggestion of Marjorie Anne.

    Some other possibilities:

    Eleanor, Simon, and

    Marjorie Claire (this is my favorite)
    Marjorie Sarah
    Marjorie Helen
    Marjorie Alice

    Marion Ruth
    Marion Esther
    Marion Rose
    Marion Louise

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    My faves are Josephine May and Marjorie Claire! Not a fan of Marion especially. Would you consider Margaret? I suggest it because of the Mar- beginning and because I have a Margaret (Maggie) and Eleanor Grace is one I've batted around if we had another girl...

    Margaret Rose or Margaret Claire is like Eleanor Grace's soul sister in my head

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    I do love the name Margaret, and it's on our list, but we have several friends named Margaret/Maggie and we'd like to avoid a name that we know personally, IYKWIM.

    My only concern with Marjorie Anne is if you say it really quickly, it sounds like margarine.

    Others on my girl list:

    Katherine (too popular, but I still like it)

    My daughter's middle name is Grace (and so is mine), so that's off the table for middle names since I don't think my husband will let me reuse it. I also like the middle name 'Rose'.

    Thank you for all your input!

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    I think I like Beatrice, Matilda, Marjorie, Josephine, and Catherine (the C looks classier, in my opinion, and looks better next to Eleanor and Simon). I also think Rose is an adorable match to Grace as a middle! Some of the names you pick though sound awkward with Rose or Anne, so I threw in suggestions that I think compliment Grace.

    Beatrice Anne (Beatrice Rose is kind of awkard to say)
    Matilda Rose (Anne doesn't work because of Matilda's ending)
    Josephine Rose (Anne just sounds odd with both names ending similarly)
    Catherine Faith/Joy/Hope (Since it doesn't sound right with Anne or Rose)
    Marjorie Faith/Joy/Hope (Again, for the same reason as above)

    I think Matilda Rose looks best with Eleanor Grace and Simon Paul.
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