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    Our top 3 girl names (this week, at least)

    We still don't know gender, but I'm thinking this one is a girl.....

    Some of the names we've been kicking around:

    Josephine Anne
    Marjorie (not sure on MN)
    Marion (not sure on MN)

    Our daughter is Eleanor Grace and our son is Simon Paul.

    What do you think?

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    Josephine Anne- I'm not a fan of the double -n endings. Josephine Kate, Josephine Eve, and Josephine May (Josie-May! How cute is that?!) are my suggestions.
    Marjorie- I like Marjorie. It has a very homey sound. Marjorie Anne, Marjorie Louisa, Marjorie Florence and Marjorie Mayfair are my suggestions.
    Marion- I think Marion is okay, but lovely paired with the right mn. Marion Primrose, Marion Pearl, Marion Scarlett and Marion Seraphia are my ideas.

    Overall, lovely names!
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    Josephine Anne - I love the name Josephine and all the great nicknames, from boyish to feminine, it comes with. I'm not sure that I like Anne with it though.
    Marjorie (not sure on MN) - Marjorie Anne is cute!
    Marion (not sure on MN) - Marion/Marian Sounds a little more grown up than Marjorie ever will. Seems to need a girly mn though.

    My faves are:
    Eleanor Grace, Simon Paul and Josephine May (or Mary?)
    Eleanor Grace, Simon Paul and Marjorie Anne

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    I agree with the other posters. Josephine is great name, my favorite of your picks. But I think there is a better middle name out there for it.

    Josephine Mary, Josephine Marie, Josephine Alice, Josephine Elizabeth.

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    I like Josephine but not with the middle name Anne. On the other hand, I think Marjorie Anne is beautiful and would sound great with Eleanor Grace and Simon Paul. Marion is okay, but I prefer the other two.

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